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Sep 20 '12  ·  12:28 AM

Arcana: Death
Persona: Kohryu
First Full Moon Fight: Priestess
Best Friend: Ikutsuki (FFFFF NOT THIS JOKER)
Lover: Jin (I AM CRYING)
Rival: Ken

It started out so well… orz;;

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    Arcana: Death Persona: Black Frost First Full Moon Fight: Hierophant *snorts* Best Friend: Minato (awww how cute) Lover:...
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    Arcana: Temperance Helel First full moon fight: Hanged Man (UGH!) Best friend: Fuuka Akihiko-senpai *swoon* Yukari
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    judgement Scathach first full moon fight: hierophant best friend: Koromaru (YAAAY) Ryoji (OH YES) Pharos (wait what how)
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    Arcana- Devil Persona- Alice First Full Moon Fight- Fortune /Strenth Best Friend- Fuuka Lover- Pharos Rival- Chidori
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    strength lilith first full moon fight: hanged man best friend: ryoji elizabeth akihiko
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    Aeon Scathach First Full Moon Fight: Hermit Best Friend: Minato Pharos Takaya
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    Arcana - Judgement Persona - Lilith First Full Moon Fight - Empress/Emperor Best Friend - Ikutsuki Lover -Akihiko Rival...
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